Raising money in Birmingham, Alabama

I’ve been the CFO in several software companies that have all raised money. I am also an active angel investor in B2B SaaS companies. Both roles have given me a vantage point to see how rounds are being done, by who, and how in the Birmingham startup ecosystem.

A lot has been written about raising money to fuel your startup or scaleup. I’ll save you trouble and list a couple that are really good:

But, I’ve heard grumbles over the years from Birmingham startup folks that “no one is funding startups in Birmingham”. I know funding is happening, though. I think the problem is awareness. Thus, I created a grid organized by stage of the company to show the sources of seed and growth capital available to Birmingham-based B2B SaaS companies:

If you know of other sources I missed or have suggested modifications to this list then please contact me.

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I’m Jonathan Sides. I am the CFO for Fleetio. On the side, I sometimes also help other startup and scaleup software companies through operational advice and investment.
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