About Me

Jonathan Sides

I’m Jonathan Sides. I am the CFO for Fleetio. On the side, I also help other startup and high-growth SaaS B2B companies in areas such as recruiting, M&A, fundraising, financial modeling, and operational advice. I’ve spent two decades in the software & tech world on the finance side with 17 years in SaaS B2B companies. I’m somewhat obsessed with SaaS and finance.

Throughout my career in the SaaS world, I’ve been involved with recruiting, planning, pitching, forecasting, growing, angel investing, debt raises, VC rounds, PE buy-outs, spin-offs, acquisitions, entering new markets, expansions of existing markets, depressing failures, and champagne events.

I tend to gravitate to writing about practical financial topics that are relevant to SaaS B2B companies, in areas such as sales & marketing, operations, forecasting, measuring, and sourcing capital. I venture into the worlds of accounting, HR, and legal whenever I feel it will help move along the growth company rocket ship.

I also love to travel. Following a private equity recap of Daxko, where I was also CFO, I took a gap year with my wife to travel and fulfill a life-long dream. We learned an incredible amount as we meandered through and lived in 12 countries.

Contacting Me

You can reach me by email at my first name AT my first name + my last name .com.